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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Freedom and 43 things

Last night was the season finale of both Lost and Alias. Good night of TV. I'm a freak about Alias, and last night's season-end cliffhanger--!!!!!!!!!! I love this show. I completely involuntarily did the whole cliché gasp-with-hands-to-mouth thing at the end of last night's finale. Please don't take away my Michael Vartan, that's all I'm gonna say.

Anyway. With all these season finales, it's kinda nice to be free for the summer. I love keeping up with the few shows I watch, but summer hiatus means more time for reading. In January, I came up with a list of books I wanted to read this year, and I have done a pathetic job of this so far. (I've read 2 from the list, and am 2/3 through another.) My goal right now is to tackle Les Miserables this summer, and The Once and Future King in the fall/winter.

And on the subject of reading goals...I've used All Consuming for a while now to track what I'm currently reading (and now, what I'm listening to as well). It's now been merged with this cool little site: 43 Things. This site allows you to list up to 43 things you are doing or want to do--goals, basically. It's a neat idea, and there are some really cool goals that people have listed. But it's kind of sad, because when I log in now, it says I'm reading 12 books, listening to 2 albums, and doing 0 things. I'm such a slacker. At some point, I've gotta go in there and enter some things I want to do. Like "Read Les Miserables this summer."
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