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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Years to remember

1978: Born
1981: Moved to England (age 3)
1987: Moved to CA (age 9)
1994: Graduated from high school (age 16)
1996: Studied in Florence (age 18)
1999: Graduated from Biola (age 21)
2003: Finished M.A. at Chapman, went to DPI, moved to Bay area (age 25)

On a Choir Clinic weekend once at GHBC, we played a mixer-type game where you were supposed to ask people about significant years in their lives. Most people listed wedding anniversaries, graduations, or the years their children were born. But not Alice.

Alice is a dear, older, blind lady. Alice delights in telling blind jokes during choir rehearsals. She'll end conversations with "See you later!" and get the inevitable response: "No, you won't!"

Anyway, while we were playing this game, I asked Alice for a year to write down on my paper, and she told me the year her left eye was removed.
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