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Monday, October 25, 2004

A little story (not for the very squeamish)

This weekend, in the madness of preparing for our housewarming party, I managed to cut open my right hand pinky finger. Not badly, just enough to make it bleed. A lot. It didn't even hurt. This is where I encountered a problem. Since it didn't hurt, I didn't notice that I'd cut myself. (I think it happened while I was washing dishes.) Anyway, I discovered the cut while I was blow-drying my hair. I couldn't figure out why there were red smears on my sweatshirt. Then I noticed red smears on the blow dryer. THEN, I finally noticed the blood dripping from my finger. What kind of a freak am I to have not noticed that my finger was bleeding all over the bathroom?

I cleaned off my finger and applied a Band-Aid, then cleaned off the blow dryer and the bathroom sink. I changed my shirt, got out the stain remover, and got rid of the blood smears. After having accomplished all of the above, I looked down and discovered more blood smears all over one leg of my jeans. ARGH! I changed again, tackled more blood smears with stain remover, and headed back into the kitchen, where I found an amused and slightly grossed-out roommate who pointed out the blood that was smeared onto both kitchen towels. Sigh. At least I noticed the gaping wound before I made my vacuum cleaner cookie bars. (All of our housewarming guests are now breathing a collective sigh of relief.) I replaced the towels, cleaned a couple of blood spots off the kitchen floor and stove, and thought I was done for the day. We had a nice housewarming party in our nice clean house, and I was happy.

Then yesterday I discovered two little bloody fingerprints on the side of my soup container in the fridge. Sigh.

And you thought I was done, didn't you? Alas, no. I went to bed last night, and tossed back the top quilt to find three more little bloody fingerprints. What is my problem?!?! How can a person bleed all over the freaking house and NOT NOTICE IT?!?!
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