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Monday, January 03, 2005

A link for the expectant ones

The 100 most popular names of 2004

"After three years at the top, Emma has unseated Emily as the most popular girl name in the United States, while Jacob remained the nation's most popular boy name for the fourth year in a row."

My word, it sounds like an awards ceremony. I wonder how my niece feels to know that her name has been officially "unseated" from its number one spot.

All three of my nieces have their names in the top 100: 3 (Emily), 8 (Hannah), and 60 (Rebecca--though she spells it Rebekah). And my nephew's at #38: John. Several of their middle names make the list as well, with #16: Grace, #65: Faith, and for Johnny, #6: Michael. I never knew my family was so trendy. Look at my sister, with the popular baby names...

Oh, and the Jayden/Caden/Brayden/Hayden madness should stop, now.
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