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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Poem Generator

Julie sent me this nifty little link yesterday. Type in a URL, and it'll generate a poem based on the site. It does take a little messing with, since it picks up some of the html. But I could totally play with this for hours.

My favorite attempt off my blog (I think it's the Oprah line) is Julie's contribution:

Just look unfriendly
for not-- I have no key card.
I get that I have been pondering this
I work to make known
my favorite classes with me,
This would come across
as rude, an extremely
serious manual on how to make known
my least favorite novel from boredom.
PROOF THAT Oprah Winfrey was rooting for me etc.
But again, I feel imposed upon when people call

And I tried it on Kristy's and David's blogs:


But I think everyone
goes through
can take into the time
and pain
The heartache that angsty teenager
phase, where my brothers, and then Paul
Buchanan gave me
up there and intelligent and
Thomas was about four
We revealed our sophomore

Also from Kristy's blog:

And phantoms of
course, the best experiences
where every stone; it feels strange. I
was held at
night See who you
know of! owl is geocaching


Africa a short time
walking by the stark aesthetic of
a fishing company that makes sense:
The small birds that she
a brief stop before I
begin to stage a bleak fate; what is
a whole it was
unhappy about

Africa is in New Haven, Connecticut, and
social cheers for
some intelligence officials
thought aloud to
carve a private army
that we read about
life of a prime minister
of them only a baby blue iPod.

In Bali when the plot has something
that he put my final
destination which,
move swiftly and there
is different.
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