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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


For the last week and a half, we've been operating on a rather short-handed basis here on my team at work. My boss is on vacation, our marketing manager is dealing with a death in the family, our editorial assistant just got promoted and promptly left for vacation. I feel a bit abandoned. And busy. Very busy. I'm having to be responsible for my own job (which is really busy right now), and also cover tasks for two other people...thus, the AAAAAAAAAA. Because...AAAAAAAA.

Anyway. In digging through some contract info today, I came across a set of production paperwork for an old edition of a book I'm working on now. We have this little question that now states "Is there anything about the author that we should know?" In this earlier version of the form, the question is stated slightly differently. And the answer is completely honest.

Describe the author's temperament: !*@%$!

Heeheehee. That totally made my morning. Thank you, editor back in 1994, you are my hero for the day.

And now...back to work.
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