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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Overdue blogging...long post.

As seen in the pictures below, last weekend I went to Yosemite with YAF. This was my second time going on the YAFsemite trip, and it was nice to have the extra day of the Labor Day weekend. Last year, it was just Friday through Sunday, and I felt like I really didn't have time to hang out and talk with anyone but the people I drove there with and the people I hiked with. This year, we left mid-day on Friday, took time to go Geocaching on the way (thanks to Justin), and still got there slightly before dark. In time to enjoy grilled tri-tip, pasta salad, beer bread, and chocolate mousse for dinner. Mmm.

Saturday, I got up early and joined with the Half Dome hiking group. I never planned to go all the way to the top--instead I hiked to the top of Nevada Falls and came back (about a 7-mile loop). The falls were still beautiful, even if the water was really low. It was nice to get back to the camp mid-afternoon and have time to take a shower, then sit by the river and read and relax.

Sunday, a group of us went to a worship service at Yosemite Community Church, and it was awesome to worship there, knowing that the grandeur of Yosemite surrounded us outside! The view stepping out of church was amazing.

Sunday afternoon, I went on a short hike to Mirror Lake with Sonia and Kelly & Josh. I had a great talk with Kelly on the way there--I appreciate my small group girls! Others from our group showed up at the lake a little after we did, and it was great fun watching various people attempt to jump across the lake at its narrowest point.

Another awesome thing about the weekend was getting to share a book of poems with Elise. I love sharing books I love with people who end up loving them,'s such an Anne of Green Gables "kindred spirit" experience. =)

Monday morning, we had a worship/devotion time next to the river, with time for us to sit alone and take time to pray and hear from God. The theme for me that morning was the same it's been for the last couple of months...missions. God keeps bringing me back to that. I'm seeking out some details from a program called Nieu Communities, and there are some other steps that God's working on my heart about, so I'll see where that leads.

I started coming down with a cold on Monday, and it hit in earnest on I've felt out of it a lot this week. But Project Stick Shift is progressing. I think I frightened some children in the hills of Menlo Park on Wednesday, as I drove around with Lucinda. I'm getting better with the hills, really! The goal was to drive to work this coming Monday, but I don't know if I'll be that brave. Stupid hills.

This morning was the memorial service for "the other" Julie Chen--a really close friend of my roommate Joyce. Julie lived with us for about 3 months before she left this summer to serve with Wycliffe in the Philippines. She passed away unexpectedly about 3 weeks ago. It was an amazing service, and I was blown away by all the stories from people whose lives had been touched by Julie. She made such an impact in the lives of all who knew her--she was so vibrant and so committed to pursuing God's plan for her life. Hearing her passion for missions, for caring for others and showing them God's was such a reminder to me of God's call to follow Him completely and live life to the fullest, wherever He may lead. I didn't know her well, but her passion for life and for her Lord was an inspiration to me.
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