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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

One of the reasons I miss the GHBC staff...

When I was in Concert Choir at FC, we sang "Somewhere in My Memory" for our Christmas concert one year. The words to the song are beyond annoying. And it was the one song that our director chose to make into a reader's theater piece, in addition to our singing it. So I not only got to sing about "feeling that gingerbread feeling," I got to hear a dramatic reading of it as well.

I grew to hate the song.

The tune of this song is a recurring theme in the Home Alone movies. Which is fine...if you don't know the words. I cannot watch Home Alone because I get the stupid song stuck in my head and it drives me crazy. "Precious moments, special people, happy faces, I can see..."

Jamie, one of the pastors at GHBC, loves the Home Alone movies, and will play the soundtracks endlessly as soon as Thanksgiving is over. When I worked at GHBC, my desk was right outside Jamie's office door, and I would groan audibly every time he put on the CD. He delighted in turning up the volume.

Today, I got an email from Jamie:

"Barbara, I was going to send you a quick note to mention that Christmas is only a few months away which means that we will soon be able to watch Home Alone 1 & 2 which contains what I know to be your favorite Christmas song of all times but since I want to ask for help I wont mention the song."

No points for guessing which song is currently stuck in my head. "Gazing at the fireglow...feeling that gingerbread feeeeeeling..."

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