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Monday, October 17, 2005

Busy Sunday

I'm tired and my focus for the morning is pretty much shot, so I'm blogging. Yesterday was far too busy! I let Justin talk me into meeting him and Karen at Abundant Life for the 8:30 service, and I had Joyce come with me--since it's her church anyway. =) But it ended up being an early start to a very long day.

I've wanted to check out the preaching at Abundant Life, because I've heard so many people say how incredible Pastor Paul's messages are. But he wasn't preaching yesterday. Heh. Oh well. Some other time.

The worship at ALCF started out with "Trading My Sorrows," one of my least favorite worship songs. I realized that I now have very mixed emotions about the song, because it reminds me so strongly of Paul. Yesterday ended up being a Sunday where a bunch of the worship songs at both ALCF and PBC were connected with lots of memories and I was really missing some friends back home and in Wales. Anyway, after my reaction to Trading My Sorrows, it made me laugh when the sermon was focused on the importance of why we worship and who we worship rather than how. (So stop complaining about songs you don't like, Barbara!)

After ALCF, I headed home during the almost-an-hour time slot before PBC's second service. Karen took the opportunity to camp out at our house and take a short nap on our couch. I love it when friends make themselves at home in my house...and Karen has no qualms about doing that!

After PBC, I had a brief window for a quiet lunch at home before a YAF ministry team meeting. Then I rushed to Millbrae to catch BART over to Berkeley, for a performance of Our Town at the Berkeley Rep. I'd never seen the play before, and I really enjoyed it, even though the girl playing Emily wasn't that great. It's a fun play and it was cool to see it with some friends from work.

During the afternoon, I'd gotten a cryptic text message from Eric. I called him on my drive home, and he shared the news that his dad is engaged!! Woohoo!! I'm so excited for Bill & Beth, and now I'm figuring out how I can clear my calendar for their wedding.

Other than a YAF game night on Friday, that was pretty much my weekend. Good stuff, but I need to learn not to do so much on Sundays. My Mondays suffer...
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