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Monday, October 10, 2005


So I'm home from backpacking and back at work, where my body protests every time I get out of my chair. I'm trying to get out of my chair often, because I know if I don't, the stiffness will just get worse.

I did have fun this weekend. We left at around 9 on Saturday morning and got back somewhere around 9 last night. I think it would have been better if we'd had more than just the one night. It seemed like a lot of trouble for such a small time spent camping! But Justin's gourmet backpacking food was definitely a highlight of the trip. Seriously, how many people make cheesecake on a backpacking trip?!

On Sunday morning, I stuck around with the half of the group who decided to do a little more exploring/hiking before heading out. I had a lot of fun crossing the river back and forth as we hiked over to another campsite further away.

I said yesterday that really, the part I liked least was the actual backpacking...carrying the huge backpack while hiking wasn't so fun. I really shouldn't complain, as I only carried my pack for maybe 1/3 of the uphill hike yesterday. I tried to carry my own pack, but they wouldn't let me! Grrr. My strong sense of "Let me do it myself!" was challenged yesterday. After attempting to carry Joyce's pack and having it forcibly removed from my body, I gave up on insisting that I carry a pack. Somewhat ironically, it was during the fight for the backpack that I sustained my largest bruise from this trip.

Although the last hike uphill was not my favorite part of the weekend, I did enjoy Joyce's attempts to help things along by singing all kinds of random songs, including selections from Sound of Music. And of course, Karen's version of YMCA composed for Justin was also very amusing: "Yungman, don't you carry my pack..." Oh, and my favorite quote from yesterday, spoken by Karen as both she and Conrad were lifting up my pack and pushing me uphill: "If you feel a hand on your ass, it's mine." Good to know.

My camera is still in my pack, which is still sitting on the living room floor where it landed when we got home last night. So I'll upload some pictures later, when I get around to the unpacking.
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