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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Kid stories.

Emails from my sister usually yield fun stories. This is the latest installment.

Bad news. . . the bunny died this morning. We laid dear Peter Rabbit to rest this afternoon. Here is Rebekah's composition on the matter:

PeteR Rabit
He was a nis little
bune But 1 day Dad foud
that He was ded
so Dad Rapt Him in
a nis soft shrt
and we bared Him
The EnD

You have to see it with all the s's written backwards : )

And this, too:

Johnny likes to unload the cupboards while I'm cooking. So yesterday while I was making dinner, I didn't think anything of him grabbing the electric mixer and carrying it off, with the cord trailing behind him. After a bit he came running into the kitchen and there was a strange sound. He kept pointing towards the dining room, and we found that he had taken the mixer and plugged it into the ONE outlet which I left uncovered after I vacuumed. He then turned it on : ) He joined right in re-telling John the story when he got home from work, complete with gestures and sound effects.
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