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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Commenting on the commenters

This was kinda fun. Especially since I didn't think there even WERE 15 people who comment here. you go:

Go to your page and list the last fifteen people who have commented you. If someone has commented twice, skip to the next new commenter.

1. Kristy
2. Dave
3. Yungman (Justin)
4. Ed
5. Jessica
6. David Seruyange
7. Chloe
8. Jay Z (Jason)
9. Julie (S.)
10. Tracey
11. Julie (C.)
12. Charina
13. GS (Dan)
14. Joe G.
15. Elise

Have you ever kissed 4? Let's just start right in there, shall we? That would be a no.
What's the best memory you have of 10? As we have never met, the memories would have to be of reading her blog. But those are good memories!
Why are you friends with 9? She emailed me on bubbs, we met up, we started reading each others' blogs...
When's the next time you're gonna see 6? Aw, that's a bummer of a question, cause I don't know. The last time I saw him was over a year ago, when he was working in SF for a week. Come visit CA again, David!
Tell something juicy about number 15. Heehee...I guess I could, but that's just mean.
What do you like about 8? He's always got something positive to say, and he's always willing to pitch in and help out. Even when he's got one arm in a sling...
Is number 1 attractive? Yeah, but she's just not my type. ;-)
What was your first impression of 7? Another "we've never met." I'll go with my first impression of her blog: I noticed that she was listening to Over the Rhine. Which is automatically cool.
How did you meet 3? We met at YAF, but I didn't get to know him much until Yosemite and backpacking last year. And when he started fixing random things at our house and saving episodes of Lost for me. And through blogging, of course...
Do you think 13 could kill someone? Hahahaha!!! Definitely. I say that without any sarcasm whatsoever. It's so incredibly appropriate that #13 is Dan...
Is 11 your best friend? My best friend doesn't seem to read my blog anymore. =( But Julie C.'s awesome! I miss her now she's in LA for law school.
Do you think 2 has a crush on you? Seeing as we've never met, I'll say that's a no.
Who do you spend the most time with? Probably #15 these days. We haven't hung out in a while...but...dinner tonight!
What is the last thing you did with 1? We hung out on New Year's Eve, played Book Lovers' Trivial Pursuit, and watched Sixteen Candles. I don't know how Nathan put up with us.
Have you ever been to 3's house? Yep. Game night!
Would you ever kiss 5? That would just be weird.
How do you know 4? We met at YAF...maybe on retreat a couple years ago? And we were in a very short-lived small group together (for a total of about a week), until I ditched them for a women's small group. Sorry, Ed.
Have you ever slept with 5? Wow, 5 just gets all the intrusive questions. No.
Do you think 6 is sexy? Well, if only he looked more like Robert Smith...
Have you ever liked 7? As we've never met, and I don't like girls like that, the answer would be no.
Where is the last place you went with 8? Game night at his apartment.
Are you real close to 9? Not real close, but we book club together. =)
What kind of relationship do you have with 10? It's purely an online relationship...that sounds wrong. Um. I read her blog.
Have you ever kissed 11? We prefer the high-five.
Have you ever been to the movies with 12? Nope--maybe we should sometime. =)
Have you ever gotten in trouble with 13? Haha...quite possibly. Do late Shakespeare papers count?
Would you ever make a move on 14? Here we go again with the intrusive. (I guess #5 is off the hook now.) Nope. I really don't "make moves" anyway.
What do you and 15 talk about the most? Lately, about how we need to hang out! Usually...poetry, music, friendships, God...lots 'o stuff.

(Swiped from #2)