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Monday, April 03, 2006

Birthday thoughts...

Friday was the third birthday I've celebrated in the Bay area, and it was by far the best. The day started off with a beautiful sunny drive to work. The sun gave way to rain by mid-morning, but at least it started off my day nicely. Heather called me on my drive, and we had a good chat before I had to go into work.

Fridays are usually bagel days at work...but the usual bagel benefactor was out of town, so there were no birthday bagels. But there was a birthday lunch and a birthday card and many happy birthday wishes.

The evening brought me a house filled with friends and laughter and many, many flowers. (And muscle man drink charms.) I am so very grateful for the wonderful friends I've made here and I had so much fun sharing my birthday with the girls...even if I managed to make several guys bitter by having a girls-only gathering.

My dear friend Melinda called at 11:45pm, getting in under the wire for birthday greetings on the day: "it's still your birthday, right?" It was so good to laugh and reminisce with her for a bit, before rejoining friends for the last minutes of Anne of Green Gables. "He touches her face!!!" Sigh. =)

If the birthday is any indication of things to come, 28 will be a wonderful year. Bring it on, 28.
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