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Monday, July 10, 2006

Italy and First Sundays

This afternoon, when I discovered that Italy had won the World Cup, I called Melinda and said "We have to go to Italy!!!!" Melinda was my roommate during the semester I studied in Florence. At the end of the semester, all of the flatmates made plans to meet up in Rome in ten years. October 3rd, Trevi Fountain, 12 noon. And this, my friends, this is the year. (Now is the time for Google searches to find the rest of the girls...)

Melinda pointed out to me that if we time it right, we can repeat our ten-years-ago visit to the Capuchini Crypt and again receive a free indulgence. Here I must include an explanatory journal quote: "Highlight of the visit, though--if you visit on the first Sunday of the month, such as today, you receive some sort of indulgence! So--all my sins were forgiven for free this morning!" What a deal! And so different from PBC's First Sunday events. Hmm.
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