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Friday, June 16, 2006

Far less than profound

I'm at work early. I don't think I've ever arrived at work as early as I did today. Go me. I have discovered that at 7:30am, my office gets some really nice morning sunlight. This is probably a sight I will never see again, but it's nice right now.

I brought a peach with me for breakfast today, and I'm now in the process of trying not to drip peach juice on the keyboard every time I take a bite. I have already succeeded in dripping peach juice down my sleeve and onto my arm. This morning isn't an isolated incident--it's not the first time I've dripped something inside the cuff of this sweater. How I manage to do this so often puzzles me. It's not like this sweater has wide sleeves. Profound musings for a Friday morning. (I told you I never get to work this early.) I fear for the email correspondence I must now plunge into...
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