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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


(Like paint-by-numbers, only not.)

1. I received a mysterious box in the mail yesterday, containing an iPod nano of my very own. A gift from the best manager ever! (Giving your employee an iPod automatically results in this categorization.)

2. I don't quite understand it when the person who is going away gives going-away presents. But I won't argue. I have an iPod. (But I don't have a manager. And that is sad.)

3. Related to the above: It's high time I spent that bonus money from months back and got myself a new computer. To go with the iPod.

4. Last night, I had to take back my rash statement that I was boycotting pants because there was no pair of jeans in the entire Bay area that would fit me. I bought three pairs of jeans last night. And they sort of fit. Well, two of the pairs would fit perfectly if my legs were 4 inches longer, and the other pair would fit perfectly if my stomach were a bit smaller. But let's not quibble. They were all on sale.

5. A coworker asked me this morning what I did for my wedding. I was understandably confused. She thought I was married. Upon consulting with others, she found that she was not alone in thinking this. Apparently, I send out "married vibes." I will try to believe that's the reason, rather than a perception of "Aren't you married by now? How old are you anyway?"

6. I have been a lazy blogger lately. It's not just the blog, though. I got an email from the parents this morning that began with "Haven't heard in a while…" Similar email from the best friend. I'd better get on that whole correspondence thing.

7. In contrast to my recent blogging habits, I’ve been rather productive with the reading. I finished Love in the Time of Cholera over the weekend (had to, for book club), and tore through Blankets on Friday (while procrastinating on my reading of Love in the Time of Cholera). I just finished Atwood’s The Tent, and am finishing up a collection of poetry. Go me.

8. Came across this today. I’m skeptical. But the idea is intriguing.
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