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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Mr. Right Mug, part 2

You may remember this post. I've been going through photos from my semester in Italy (yay, scanner!) and thought I'd share a picture of the original Mr. Right mug:

And I thought I would also share that I got one of the best gifts ever from Jessica this summer before she moved (even though she thought it might be weird).

Yes, I now own a Mr. Right mug of my very own. has a spinner! So now I can find out where Mr. Right is! (See, in the picture, it says he's right under my nose. I think the mug lies.)

A semi-related coda:

Here are pictures of another AWESOME gift. This one I received from my roommate, Julie. She was in Mexico this summer, and brought back for me a man:

But please note, this isn't just ANY man. This is a man with Jesus in his heart:

What more could a girl want, really?
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