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Saturday, September 30, 2006

I'm off

I've been so caught up in memories these past few weeks, as I've been revisiting my memories of studying in Florence. This morning my thoughts took a different turn, and I started thinking about how much has changed in the past ten years--of all I've experienced since I was last in Florence. I remember sitting around with my roommates, talking about our planned Trevi Fountain meeting, and we were all speculating on who we would be in ten years' time. And here I am, ten years later. I know I've changed, but it's hard to pin down what all of those changes are when I've lived through them so gradually. I wonder where everyone else is--if Jen became a landscape architect, if Zuleika is still living in Italy somewhere, if Lisa and Tom are still together, if Lenay kept in touch with Apo, her Turkish/Italian boyfriend. And, if there's anyone who still calls Laura "la sposa chic" or if Wynne maintains the title of Mack Mama. I wonder who these women are today, and where life has taken all of us. I'll let you know if I find out on Tuesday at 12 noon, when at least Melinda and I will be waiting at the Trevi Fountain.

My last night in Florence, I sat on the Ponte alla Trinita, looking across the Arno at the Ponte Vecchio, and thinking about returning to Florence one day. I was sad to think that I was leaving a place that had become home, that had become a friend, and that I would only be able to return to as a visitor. Next week, I'll be a visitor in Florence. I'm looking forward to returning to old haunts and reacquainting myself with the memories that I'm sure will lurk around every corner. But there's a sadness in the returning--because that time is only a memory now.

I'm going to stop tormenting you all with memories of ten years ago in Italy, for the next 10 days at least. I fly out tomorrow morning (at an hour no human should have to be awake, much less enduring airport security) to go create new Italy memories. Stories will no doubt follow upon my return. Until then, be well!

Books I Shall Take on the Plane: An Optimistic Reading List

A World Lit Only by Fire, William Manchester
The Italian Renaissance,
J.H. Plumb
Bella Tuscany,
Frances Mayes
Ian McEwan

(For "Books I Shall Actually Read on the Plane," I'll keep you posted.)

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