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Saturday, June 23, 2007

I miss "Barbara and the boys"

For the past couple of weeks (among many other visitors), we've had an NC alum staying here at Pangani before he heads to Durban for a course in teaching English. He leaves tomorrow and I realized tonight how good it's been to have more guys around to hang out with. Somehow it's a different dynamic when it's just the five apprentices: Tyler and the girls. (Not that I'm complaining. I often proclaim "I like us!" when the five of us are hanging out. Because I do!)

I've never had a ton of guy friends, especially ones I'd call close friends. That changed somewhat when I moved to the Bay area and became part of YAF. I used to joke that it was always "Barbara and the boys" when we'd hang out after church or after ministry team meetings. Because it usually was. And though I often complained about the male/female ratio, I started thinking tonight about how much I really did enjoy hanging out with the guys. I miss "Barbara and the boys"!

Maybe I need to start joining the Monday poker nights here, for more male bonding time. Hmm. Except I'm really not a poker fan. Oh well.

For the memories: this is a picture of me with Jason, a fellow MT member who frequently proclaimed, "I love it when it's Barbara and the boys!"

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