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Thursday, October 11, 2007


So here's the thing. I was scheduled to fly out of Johannesburg on November 12th. I tried to change my ticket to the 9th, so I could make it to a friend's wedding on the 11th. I was denied by both the travel agent ("that is not available for your itinerary") and then British Airways ("You'll have to contact your travel agent").

This week I made one last-ditch attempt and emailed the travel agent again, this time asking her to explain the "not available for your itinerary" comment. Her reply email informed me that she'd changed my ticket, and I'll now be leaving on November 9th, arriving in LA on the 10th.

I read the email and realized that my new arrival date was only one month away. Suddenly I'm not sure I want to leave three days early.

Plus, I've managed to miss the opportunity of saying: "One month from today, I'll be leaving South Africa..." I was happily oblivious of that date coming and going.

Oh, it'll be really really good to go to Hannah's wedding. It makes me smile to think of reuniting with college friends and seeing Hannah and Neil get married (the day after I get back!). The last time I hung out with Hannah, I told her she wasn't allowed to get married while I was in South Africa. I'm making sure she doesn't.

But at the same time, I don't yet want to let go of where I am. The days and weeks I have here are slipping by so quickly. I'm gonna miss this.
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