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Monday, March 24, 2008

Family Easter

It was blazing hot today. It went from nice, sunny spring weather, in the low 70s, to a whopping 90 degrees today. We had a big family Easter dinner, and afterwards the kids pulled me outside to play soccer and then tag on the front lawn. After a bit, I collapsed in the shade and the girls followed suit. We were all within arm's reach of each other, so our game of tag degenerated into smacking each other and saying "You're it!" Johnny came over and curled up next to me, leaning against my legs, and I asked: "Hey, Johnny, whatcha doing?" He responded: "Just sittin' with you."

I've now lost track of who's It in my game of tag with Hannah--the game of tag that will soon go intercontinental. I have no doubt that Hannah will keep track, though. She reminded (threatened?) me today almost as soon as they arrived that I would be It when we went outside to play.

Rebekah asked me today why I had to go away again: "Wasn't one year enough?" Apparently not. Gonna miss those kids...

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