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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Bullfighting and Disneyland

The latest alumni update from Chapman University includes a link to this story, the university president's account of his recent experience fighting bulls in Spain.

While I was at Chapman, I always enjoyed President Doti's end-of-the-year letter, where he would make summer reading recommendations based on his reading over the previous year. (I happened upon The Soloist from one of these letters.) But this narrative certainly tops the reading recommendations.

"The La Savoia Bullring is part of a toreador school. It is also a training school for bulls, presumably with the intent of turning normally docile bulls that had little interest other than contemplating the fairer sex and gently grazing into becoming nasty, ill-tempered brutes."

Ferdinand the Bull, anyone?

Possibly my favorite quote:
"I heard over the loudspeaker, 'And now entering the ring, El Presidente Doti from Chapman University in Disneyland, California.'"

Ah, yes, that's where I went to grad school. Disneyland, California.
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