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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Hello, Monday

Yesterday was a beautiful day.

After church, Karen, Jenn & I had brunch at Hobee's, and then Karen and I helped Kelly move from one apartment to another...across the parking lot, basically. It was actually quite pleasant to walk up and down stairs with boxes and etc., although today my muscles are protesting the exercise. The weather yesterday was perfect--sunny and not too warm, with a slight breeze. We completed the move in just over an hour, and Karen and I headed out to Castro Street for used book browsing and pearl milk tea. Or a smoothie in my case. I was so content, just hanging out with a friend, sitting in the sun and enjoying the beautiful day.

But now it's Monday. The week stretches out ahead, and an employee self-evaluation looms in my immediate future. Ugh.

I was tempted to wear a nametag labeled "Bitter" at a party last Wednesday (I opted for "Brilliant" instead). It would have been an all-too-fitting label for my mood of the week. Though I shook the mood yesterday thanks to the sunshine, somehow today I'm back where I was last week: down on myself, and just down in general. I think this calls for a change to the blog description, just to make myself feel a bit better in the middle of a Monday.
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