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Friday, February 25, 2005

Because everybody's doing it

A is for Age: 26 (for another month or so, anyway)
B is for Bands: Waterdeep, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Caedmon's Call, others I'm no doubt forgetting...
C is for Career of Future: Developmental editing? Children's publishing? Wandering abroad?
D is for Dad's Name: Jerry
E is for Ethnic Background: Irish, Scottish, English
F is for Favorite Song at Moment: Right now, I can't seem to stop listening to Fleetwood Mac's "Bleed to Love Her."
G is for Great Escape: Reading? Not sure exactly what's being asked here...
H is for Hometown: Argh. I can never answer this. I usually say I'm from SoCal, so...La Mirada, CA.
I is for Instrument: Violin
J is for Job Title: Assistant Editor
K is for Kids: Nope.
L is for Last Person You Talked to On the Phone: John the Editorial Assistant (not to be confused with John the Brother-in-Law or Johnny the Nephew)
M is for Mom's Name: Elizabeth
N is for Number of Siblings: 2
O is for Oldest Living Relative: Aunt Mable. Who emailed me yesterday. =)
P is for Phobias/Fears: Needles. Eeeek.
Q is for Favorite Quote: Changes frequently, but how about: "I think if we were given the Scriptures, it was not so that we could prove that we were right about everything. If we were given the Scriptures, it was to humble us into realizing that God is right, and the rest of us are just guessing." --Rich Mullins
R is for Religion: Christian. Grew up Baptist, lately it's been the non-denominational variety.
S is for Song You Sang Last: Jennifer Knapp's "The Way I Am" on the way to work.
T is for Time You Wake Up: Weekdays, 6:45-ish. Weekends vary.
U is for Unknown Fact About Me: If I told you, it wouldn't be unknown, now would it?
V is for Vegetable you Hate: Zucchini.
W is for Worst Habit: Tearing and biting off hangnails.
X is for X-rays : Teeth
Y is for Yummy Food: Bacon
Z is for Zodiac Sign: Aries
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