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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

This is why it's called "random thoughts"

I guess I haven't had much to say lately. Actually, I wrote a post on Monday, Blogger promptly ate it, and I couldn't be bothered to reproduce it. Anyway. Here I am.

Over the weekend, I got to go to a good friend's wedding. It was quite possibly the most beautiful wedding I've been to. The reception was at a winery up off Skyline (Sonia was horrified to discover that this was the first time I'd been up to Skyline). It was a clear, sunny day, and the views across the vineyards and out to the Bay were amazing. And Kelly and Josh were both positively glowing the entire day. It was so much fun to see two friends starting their lives together, and being so very much in love. Wow, did I just get a little sappy there? Must be the springtime.

The last meeting of my editing class was last night, and ever since turning in my final assignment on Monday, I've had that elation of "no more homework!" that I haven't felt since grad school. It felt so good to go home on Monday night after Bible study, and spend my time reading and talking to a couple of good friends on the phone, rather than writing new chapter outlines and developmental memos, or doing line editing. There's only so long you can stare at the same manuscript! I was really looking forward to using this new freedom to laze around tonight watching Lost & Alias, then I found out that tonight is the company softball team's opening game. Ah, the dilemma. This is why I have a VCR, I guess.

Speaking of Lost...I must share Television Without Pity's summary of last week's episode:

Goodnight, mate. Goodnight, Kate. Goodnight, Jin readying his line with bait. Goodnight, Shannon, out on her date. Goodnight, boars. Goodnight, sores. Goodnight, Lostzilla and your metallic roars. Goodnight, rock. Goodnight, Locke. You and Jack need to have a talk. Goodnight, Sun. Goodnight, moon. This is the last you'll hear from blue-eyed Boone.


I'm driving down to LA in a week and a half, and I'm really, really looking forward to it. I haven't seen my family since Christmas, and I miss them. And I can't wait to see Kristy's new baby! Paul asked me to sing a solo for both services the Sunday I'm down there, which freaks me out a little cause I haven't done that in so long. But it'll be good for me!

This was random. Oh well.
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