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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

But I haven't watched Alias recently...

For the past week or so, I've been dreaming a lot. Last night was particularly entertaining. I dreamed that I was on a real-life Alias mission with Marshall Flinkman. (This is cracking me up even as I type it out. I was on an Alias mission! With Marshall Flinkman! If only it could have been with Michael Vaughn...sigh.)

So Marshall and I were infiltrating a gallery during a grand opening party, and the gallery had some huge sculptures in a central courtyard. We were several floors up, at a computer in an alcove off a hallway/balcony that looked down on these sculptures. While we were waiting for the needed intel to download onto some high-tech gadget, I saw someone stop in the nearby hallway and lean up against the railing to look down on the courtyard. I left to go flirt with and distract the guy while Marshall finished up.

I approached the guy, casually leaned against the railing, and used a random Southern accent as I made a flirtatious comment. (This cracks me up even more. I'm really not the flirtatious type. But apparently when I'm a spy, I flirt.) He looked over at me, and it was someone I knew!

Somehow he wasn't fazed by the accent I had put on. He said "Barbara!" and gave me a huge hug. He suggested that we head downstairs to find a place to sit and talk, and I SO wanted to go with him. I was pondering leaving Marshall to finish the mission so I could hang out with the guy, and weighing what the dangers would be if I lingered in the gallery too long...and then I woke up.

I'm so weird.
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