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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Linkage and story

In honor of the fact that Allison has taken note of me with a link this week, I thought I would tell the story about why I make boring sexy. (Aren't you just dying to know? I thought so.)

On the Wales mission trip in 2002, we did a VBS with a river-rafting theme. We started off each day with skits telling the continuing story of some rafters on their journey downriver. There was the river guide, Stony (no jokes, please), his daughter, Amber (junior river guide and amateur geologist), and two passengers: Clash Yahoo (extreme sportsman) and Carter DuBois (non-outdoorsy travel writer, in over her head).

I was Amber, the junior river guide, and most of my lines consisted of reciting rules from the river guide handbook or sharing incredibly boring geological facts about the canyon. But I got to make bat noises when we got to the caves. Woo!

Anyway, Eric was giving me a hard time one day about how boring my character was, how I had been typecast, etc. Ashley, the assistant pastor of the church there, was standing nearby, and overheard Eric calling me boring. Ashley chimed in to defend me by saying: "Ah, but she makes boring sexy." This comment was repeated frequently for the rest of the trip (and I still hear it, especially from Jude and Heather).

So there you have it, folks. I make boring sexy. A pastor said it, so it must be true. ;-)
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