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Monday, July 18, 2005

Poem for the day

This was on my poetry calendar for the weekend. It made me smile, and miss lit theory just a little. But only a little.

Excuse Me

Give me just a second before you start.
Let's agree on what you're reading here.
Let's call it a poem, a poem being an act
of language meant to hold its own exceptions,
which you therefore read with a double mind,
accepting and rejecting what you find.

If part of what you find is what you brought,
let's call this reading a poem, one of the games
imaginations play when they meet.
If you suspect you may not have the wit
to face the other player, one to one,
then you can be a deconstructionist
and make believe the other doesn't exist,
though that will be like sitting on one end
of a seesaw in summer, wishing you had a friend.

--Miller Williams
| posted by Barbara | 8:02 PM