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Monday, September 12, 2005

Lambs and Cows

This morning during worship, we sang the Michael W. Smith song "Agnus Dei." Our worship leader, Jake, introduced it by mentioning that "Agnus Dei" is Latin for "Lamb of God."

During a worship team rehearsal at Green Hills, the title of this song got misspelled in the rehearsal schedule. Bill joked that "Angus Dei" must be the Scottish version of the song. Heh. When I hear this song, I often think of Bill saying "Angus!" in a fake Scottish accent. So when Jake said that "Agnus Dei" meant "Lamb of God," I wondered to myself if "Angus Dei" might mean "Cow of God."

It's a wonder I ever have any meaningful times of worship when things like this tend to go through my head on a Sunday morning.
| posted by Barbara | 4:42 AM