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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sometimes there are jokes you just can't share except with family.

I realized this anew on Saturday in the middle of one of Ken Bailey's lectures. I won't even attempt to explain the family joke, or even what it was that reminded me of it on Saturday. Because you probably wouldn't find it funny even if I did explain.

But I had to do more than just laugh under my breath during the discussion of Luke 4. I went home that afternoon and emailed my parents about it. "Not Luke 4." Yeah, I just said you wouldn't get it.

One of the more enduring jokes in my family is referenced by the simple non sequitur: "Gold; Republic of South Africa." Again, don't ask.

All this to say, it'll be good to see my family for Thanksgiving this weekend. Pin the Tail on the Turkey, here I come! What, you've never played Pin the Tail on the Turkey? Weirdos.
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