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Monday, November 21, 2005


I've been feeling like I should catch up on blogging about what I've been up to. But then I thought--hey, I don't need to write here about every single thing I do, you can darn well ask me yourself if you really want to know what's up! =) But here are some weekend thoughts anyway...

Yesterday I ran the "church gauntlet", as Karen calls it--met Sonia at ALCF for the 8:30 service, then went to PBC for the 11:15 service (with brunch at Hobee's in between!). I got to hear Pastor Paul preach this time, and his sermon was about giving God the praise that He is owed. I think the ALCF service put me in a good mindset for worshipping later at PBC. We had communion, and I started thinking afterwards about the many different levels of meaning that communion can have. Growing up, I always thought of communion as very much a time for repentance, for examining your heart before God. But the last few times we've had communion at PBC, I've been struck by how it's also a time for fellowship and for thanksgiving. Yesterday was a communion of thanksgiving for me.

This was a busy weekend, with lectures at PBC on Friday & Saturday, seeing HP with Lucinda on Saturday, and seeing Pride & Prejudice with my roommates last night. But all of these things offered great times of hanging out with good friends. Something else I'm thankful for on this Thanksgiving week.
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