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Monday, November 28, 2005


Quotes from the nieces this weekend:
Hannah: "I'm thankful for my whoopee cushion that I use to fart the neighborhood." (This almost tops her thankfulness for "walking bacon" a couple of years ago.)
Rebekah to Emily: "Smack my butt, it'll make you feel better."

Other fun times:
Realizing where I get some of my compulsiveness, while watching my brother separate Waldorf salad into categories: eating all the celery first, then the apples, then the grapes. This led to a discussion of how we both like to separate M&Ms and gummi bears by color and eat them methodically. Hey--we're compulsive, we're family.

Watching my nieces as they all gathered around a roly-poly Rebekah had captured. They watched it crawl around, they poked at it, they were fascinated. Then their little brother walked over and stomped on the poor thing rather emphatically. Rebekah cried, and my sister and I had to stifle our laughter. Sadly, we weren't very successful. Heartless people we are.

I was impressed by the fact that the drives to/from included just minor traffic (with the exception of the 152, which we shall refrain from discussing). The trip down via 5 south took a little over 7 hours, and coming back up 101 with Elise took a little under 8 hours--really not too bad for Thanksgiving weekend. And I must say that yesterday, it was wonderful to take a long drive with someone whose taste in music blends so amazingly well with my own. =)
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