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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New York City

I spent a few days working in NYC between Christmas and New Year's...but I managed to wander around a bit and see some stuff while I was there.

The huge tree at Rockefeller Plaza

Ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza. This would have been fun to do if it hadn't been so expensive and if I hadn't been there alone.

Radio City Music Hall

Standing in line in the rain, waiting for the Met to open. There was an incredible exhibit of Van Gogh's drawings, which was all I had time to take in (snif), but just that small bit was overwhelming and a lot of fun.

I met up with a friend of Karen's and went to the opera with him and another friend on my last night there. It was such an amazing experience...the sets, the music, everything was incredible. Plus, by the second intermission, we all managed to sit together in the very front row! It was the perfect way to finish out my trip.
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