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Thursday, December 08, 2005


I was going to post about last weekend. However, now it's Thursday, and it feels a bit stale to do so. So, in lieu of a weekend recap, here's a question, a comment and a story.

Question: Why must weddings prompt inappropriate and unnecessary questions to single females? (Guys: does this just happen to single girls, or to guys, too?)

Related Comment: If at Heather's wedding in January, I am subjected to more remarks on "are you going to be next" and "does this give you any ideas" and "you can't let them get ahead of you", I will seriously hurt someone. Or at least make some rude comments in reply. Watch for the "Why don't you have a boyfriend/because I'm too fat" exchange to resurface.

Story: Over the weekend, I was working on finishing up an application for this trip to South Africa in March. I've talked with my parents about this a bit, and my mother isn't a big fan of me going to South Africa. She keeps saying that she thinks Scotland's on the list for a reason. My dad--like me--is usually a bit quieter about such things. He made a few small comments to me over the weekend that they're praying for me in this.

After church on Sunday, I went to hug my dad goodbye, and he hugged me...and then hugged me again. He didn't seem to want to say goodbye. This made me laugh a little, as this was my second weekend down there in a row...and another 3 weeks would see me back there for Christmas. But he put his arm around me and said again that they'd be praying for me as I pursue this missions thing a bit further.

I love my dad.
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