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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Traveling animals

I came across this on The Morning News today: The Bear in Helsinki.

I don't know why I'm so intrigued and amused by the idea of taking pictures of stuffed animals and the like in highly recognizable or odd places. (I loved the gnome in Amelie.)

On one of my trips to Wales, my nieces gave me a Flat Stanley to take pictures of on my travels. He posed in front of scenic views of the Rhondda valleys, fed pigeons in Trafalgar square, and nearly got blown into the Thames from Tower Bridge.

One Christmas, I took a bunch of pictures of a small toy dog in and around my house (under the Christmas tree, decorating Christmas cookies, in the middle of a Nativity scene) and workplace (in a coworker's cubicle, reading philosophy books, looking out over the canyon behind our building). I then mailed the dog, the pictures, and a disposable camera to Jude for her Christmas gift, with instructions to keep taking pictures of him. Her mother proclaimed it the best Christmas gift ever. I'm still rather proud of it myself.

But my pictures weren't nearly as good as these.
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