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Friday, January 20, 2006

Another story

I forgot about this earlier--an amusing wedding story.

As Heather and Aaron were leaving the church after the reception, Jude realized that Heather was still wearing her necklace (the "something borrowed" had been borrowed from Jude). Heather's mother had no problem with calling this out loudly: "Heather!!! Wait! Jude's necklace!" Heather didn't hear, so it got repeated, louder: "Juuuuude's necklace!!" I was standing next to Anne, one of the Welsh folk who came out for the wedding. I think it was partly an accent thing, partly just a mis-hearing, but Anne didn't catch exactly what was being called out and said to me: "Jude's knickers?!?"

Heather is famous for mis-hearing things ("men follow her everywhere" = "men fold her underwear?!"), so I found it entirely appropriate for this particular mis-hearing to happen at Heather's wedding.

On another note, some things that made me happy today:

-The discussion of "Ahoy" in the comments below
-Getting an email from Justin that began with "Ahoy"
-Getting an email from Jude titled "Holy crapping monkeys, Batman!"
-Looking forward to dinner tonight at Pluto's
-The idea that tomorrow night, I'll be eating Persian food prior to watching The Sound of Music at the Stanford Theater. Worlds colliding in new and fun ways...
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