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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ahoy! (Or, some words about the weekend)

Late Thursday night, a conversation with Heather revealed that I would be in town on Friday in time to go to Disneyland with Jude. For free, since our friend Melody works there and was going to sign Jude in anyway. Woo! We met at the R in the large California in front of DCA. Arrrr.

I had a blast hanging out with Jude, going on a bunch of rides and having both random and serious conversations as we waited in lines. I got soaked on Splash Mountain when I was forced to sit in the very front against my will: "I don't want to sit in front...I'll get soaked!!" "But the smallest person has to sit in front!!" Grrr.

While riding Pirates of the Caribbean, I decided that the word "Ahoy!" is underused and made a resolution to use it as often as I can as a greeting. (Yesterday, Lucinda informed me that "Ahoy" was the greeting Alexander Graham Bell recommended for answering the phone. So there you go--I have a rich historical tradition backing me up.)

The wedding on Saturday was wonderful--Heather looked beautiful (as seen below!). I had a weird/cool sort of fast-forward moment when Jamie (the pastor doing the wedding) talked about the responsibility of friends and family to support Heather and Aaron in their marriage in the years ahead. I started thinking about how long I've known Heather and what our friendship has meant, and then thinking off into the future, thinking how it would be to look back on this day. I don't know if I can describe it. It was just the feeling that this is a lifelong friendship, that there will be a point off in the future where we'll still be close friends and will look back on her wedding day and wonder why it seems so long ago.

I made it through the wedding and reception with only one person feeling compelled to comment on my singleness, so that was a sort of good thing. Another good thing: I managed to avoid getting dragged into the bouquet-catching melee, instead standing on the other side of the room and making sarcastic remarks to Eric. Because standing at the side of the room and making sarcastic remarks really is my forte.

At the wedding reception, I commented to Yolanda that I should request "Tiny Dancer," since it's kind of my song with Jude. ("Hold me closer, Tony Danza...") Literally 30 seconds later, David started spontaneously playing it. I ran over and found Jude: "Listen!! It's our song!!!" We're such freaks.

At one point during the weekend, I handed my CD case over to Jude and told her to change the CD because I was tired of Keane. So R.E.M. went into the CD player and we listened to "Nightswimming" over and over again while driving around on Saturday. This led to the following conversation:

"This is the only song Pete can play on the piano. When we got a keyboard, he spent days figuring out how to play this song."
"So it's like: 'This is my brother Pete, he can play guitar...and Nightswimming on the piano.'"

I spent entirely too much time with Jude this weekend. No, scratch that. I didn't spend nearly enough time with Jude, even though we were together practically every moment from the time we met up at Disneyland on Friday afternoon until we said goodbye at the airport Sunday night. I miss her. It sucks saying goodbye and not being sure when you'll see the person again.

Overall, it was so good to be away this weekend, to spend time with Jude, and to spend some time thinking and praying on my drives. I needed that time. It's also good to be home, though, after so many weekends of being away recently. I'm looking forward to being here for a while.

This is a scattered post, but I figure my blog title explains any scattered writing, right? Another random: Last night, Joyce came in my room and commandeered my couch at about 10pm so she could drink her tea in comfort. We chatted about the weekend and life in general. It reminded me of when Heather and I were roommates, and Heather would randomly wander into my room, park herself on the futon, and share something she was thinking about or reading. Good friends, good times. I'm glad to have good friends as roommates. And you know what? It's good to be where I am.
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