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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ah, corporate America

This week at work, I must draft and finalize goals/objectives and a development plan for the coming year. We were given a tip sheet on how to use the online system to do this. I just wanted to share some of the enlightening tips that are provided:

If your information is correct, click on If all of this information is correct please click here to continue.

If your manager’s name is incorrect, click on If your manager is incorrect please click here. Follow the onscreen instructions for selecting your manager.

If any of the other profile information on this page is incorrect, click on If any other information is incorrect please click here.

Objective for 2006: revise tip sheet to delete tips that should be immediately obvious if you are even halfway intelligent.

Although, I must say that I am rather amused by there being an "If your manager is incorrect" option.

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