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Monday, April 17, 2006

Highlights of the weekend

Driving through the central valley--sunny blue sky, green fields filled with yellow flowers, and Rich Mullins' "The Color Green" playing in the background: "Be glad that you have made/blue for the sky and the color green/that fills these fields with praise..."

Hanging out with Melinda on Friday night: "The answer to the question is always: 'Go to Spain.'"

Finally naming my car. (With help from Melinda and Starbucks.)

Getting to see Heather's first sonogram pictures.

Riding in the Mustang (one last time?) with Kristy: "Don't ever apologize for turning up the volume on The Cure."

Hearing my 2-year-old nephew say "Peace out, yo." Except it comes out as: "Peace out, lo." I love this kid.

Getting an Easter basket from my sister.

Hugs from people at church. I forget how much I miss that. One of the benefits of living far away and coming to visit? You get lots of hugs.

Call and response on Easter Sunday morning: "He is risen! He is risen indeed!"

Hope you all had a happy Easter.


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