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Friday, April 21, 2006

In which I reveal that I am a TOTAL fangirl

I wasn't able to watch Alias on Wednesday. See, YAF is on Wednesdays, and after a recent ministry team meeting in which Scott mentioned how years ago, midweek Bible study attendance literally halved when the first season of Survivor aired....well, I couldn't quite rationalize skipping Bible study in order to stay home and watch TV. Even if I've done just that for this same show in the past. And even if it was two back-to-back episodes of a show for which I have a completely irrational love. And even though my VCR hasn't been cooperative in the past. VCR decided to be nice to me for once. It didn't eat the tape this time, but rather recorded both episodes in their entirety. So, last night I spent two glorious hours watching the newest episodes of Alias.

And I have the following to say: I told you nobody ever really dies on Alias. Yaaaaay!
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