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Monday, April 10, 2006

Weekend, weekend...

This one was pretty quiet. I enjoyed the Friday night rain with what I find to be the best accompaniments to such a night: a quilt, a book, and a mug of tea.

Then on Saturday I got to be part of a "Family Easter Walk" at my church. I've often played the role of pregnant-at-Christmas Mary, but this time I was at-the-tomb Mary. It was a lot of fun to see the kids' reactions to our small drama and to see their excitement at the empty tomb. It was also rather amusing to hang out in the sanctuary later, still wearing Bible-times attire: one angel, 3 disciples, and Mary, just hanging out.

After we de-costumed, we headed to the 'bucks (as Lloydie would call it) to visit Elise, who was quite taken aback by the arrival of so many people she knew all at once! I geeked out by examining all the cool word cards, attempting to gather together a complete set. There was alphabetizing involved.

Church, friends, and book club rounded out the weekend. Good times. Not a terribly compelling weekend, but fun nonetheless. In spite of my mechanic finding a rat in my engine on Saturday. I'm not kidding; rather, I'm still grossed out. Let us speak of this no more.
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