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Thursday, September 21, 2006

"We're only rude if you're being annoying."

That was one of Kristy's rules in her conference on bubbs. I invoked it last night while driving, with unexpected results. Small warning: this story contains language which may offend children, small pets, and/or homeschoolers.*

So. While driving Lucinda home from work, I had a little...shall we say...encounter. Glancing over to my right, anticipating the lane I would need to get into once it actually became a lane, I got all annoyed at the girl in the shiny black Mustang who had decided to make it a lane, just for her. I commented on it to Lucinda, and then realized that because the girl had edged into the non-lane early, I was now boxed into my current lane, traffic pushing me ahead of Mustang girl, with nary a gap to enter the lane that now was a lane. So I threw on my indicator and edged in front of Mustang girl. See...because I'm only rude if you're being annoying. You're gonna make your own lane and pass me? Ok, fine, I'll cut in front of you. Petty? Yes, indeed.

Mustang girl was not happy. I was careful to avoid the burning gaze of death she kept shooting me via my rear view mirror. I begin recounting to Lucinda a similar encounter where I did something not entirely road-worthy in response to someone being an idiot to me. We turn right. I get to the part of the story where the angry man in the big-ass truck called me a bitch, said that was the first and only time I had ever been called such, and just then, guess who pulls up next to me? Yeah. Hello, Mustang! Hello, girl flipping me off while shouting "F--- you, bitch!" Nice timing. Aaaaand, that would be the second time I've been called a bitch. Oh, fun.

But we haven't even gotten to the best part. Mustang girl pulls forward, and what do we see on the back of her car? Oh, look! A Jesus fish!


It's so nice to come across fellow Christians on the road.

I said I was tempted to pull up next to her and ask what church she goes to. There's something inside me that really wishes I had.

*Oh, I'm so allowed to make jokes about homeschoolers.
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