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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ten years ago today

September 5th, 1996 marked the beginning of the semester I spent living and studying in Florence. Ten years ago, my friends.

In October, I'm going back to Italy with my dear friend and Florentine roommate, Melinda. When all of our flatmates from that semester parted ways, we said if we lost touch, we would meet at the Trevi Fountain in Rome on a specified date and time (ten years from when we were there together). I've lost touch with everyone but Melinda, and I haven't been able to track anyone down via the web. I even resorted to joining Facebook, to no avail. (I couldn't quite bring myself to join MySpace, even for this.)

So, October 3 will find Melinda and me at the Trevi Fountain, wondering if anyone else will join us. Lisa, Lenay, Zuleika, Laura, Wynne, Jen...we shall see if anyone shows up. Half the charm of the idea is in the not knowing.

Preview of coming attractions: During my semester in Florence, I faithfully kept a journal. Since I'm the sort who loves to revisit memories through the "on this day in history" model, and since it's such easy pre-fab blog content, I'll be posting journal excerpts here frequently (hopefully not ad nauseam) over the next few months. Stay tuned...


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