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Friday, August 25, 2006

You know...

I wish I were blogging more frequently, more thoughtfully, and more entertaining-ly. I feel like I am failing you, my faithful (5?) readers, and I am sorry. If only...if only so many things.

-If only I were not so busy at work.
-If only I had wireless internet at home, enabling me to blog with ease instead of having to visit the local café or park. (Yes, I seem to be able to poach wireless internet at the park. Shhh.)
-If only it didn't seem that life is crowding in on me from all sides, everything requiring my attention and making me want to retreat rather than think or deal with anything.

You get the idea. I hope to be back to better blogging soon. (I revel in the alliteration of that sentence.) In the meantime, you literary types can play with this.

Ok, back to work for me.


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