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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Since I've Been Gone

When I was working at the Wad, we kind of had a running joke that when I left the country for mission trips, my friends and coworkers either got promoted or quit their jobs. I just had that kind of power.

Well. I'm in the middle of ten months in South Africa, and I have discovered that I have a new kind of power. During my time in South Africa:

-Five friends (or pairs of friends) have gotten engaged.
-Three friends (or pairs of friends) will get married.
-Four friends have gotten pregnant.
-Three friends/family members will have babies.

My friends, if engagement or pregnancy are possibilities in your near future, WATCH OUT.

On another (related) note: Anyone want to travel to Wales with me in December? I need to go to a wedding and my original travel buddy will be 7 months pregnant.
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