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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Most annoying application questions ever

"How would your friends describe you?"

Or, in a slightly different, fill-in-the-blank version: "In regards to God's calling for my life, most people who know me would say I..."

Well, let's see. I'm giving you five references to contact, in addition to the names and contact information for at least three of my former employers/supervisors. Why don't you ask them instead of me and then: I can stop speculating on what they would hypothetically say, you can find out what they would really say, and I can get back to the rest of this novella of an application. AUGH. I hate questions like these. HATE THEM.

Maybe I've been working on my CRM application for too long. Maybe I should take it easy, sit this one out, stop talking for a while...


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