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Friday, January 07, 2005

Alias S4 Premiere

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My Alias is back. And last night was so much better than season 3. (Vaughn: "Last year sucked." Heh.)

Vaughn's as hot as ever (with the glasses! Woo!), Marshall and Weiss totally made me laugh out loud, and yay for all the cool gadgets and spy action. There were some great lines last night:

Weiss: Thank you for sweating.

Marshall: Sloane is here!

Weiss: Hi, I'm Eric, 38, single...

And Marshall having brunch with Sark, and his comment about RobotDixon...I've missed Marshall. ("I've lost my keys...where are they?")

But I'm gonna be annoyed if they've completely dropped the "who controls you"/Wittenberg documents reveal that was the cliffhanger at the end of last season. And are they completely dismissing the Rambaldi storyline? Grrr. They better pick up some of these threads, cause the continuity just ain't happening.

And come on, Syd, after all the times you've been lied to and just had to find out the truth (and of course, it always comes out), do ya really think it was a good idea to lie to your little sister? Not so much.

But those gripes aside, my Alias is back! After Lost! Ah, Wednesdays will be fun.
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