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Friday, February 04, 2005

Ministry & Mission

I mentioned earlier that I've been processing a lot of thoughts about ministry lately. In December, I was asked to start up a newsletter for YAF. Word gets out that I'm supposedly an editor, and it's just all over. ;-) I'm finally getting to work on pulling together people for the newsletter, so that's been good (and I need to give another announcement about it on Sunday, which is not so good because I hate talking in front of large groups).

But I also want to have a ministry with the larger church body and not just my own age group. I've realized recently that one reason I've dragged my feet with getting involved at PBC is because I'm just not used to seeking out opportunities and asking to be involved. I pretty much grew up at Green Hills, and was used to being asked to do stuff--it's a smaller church, I knew a lot of people, and a lot of people knew me. Children's ministry, women's ministry, college group, AWANA, choir, orchestra, worship team--I was all over the place, and I was happy to help out where I was needed. Now, I'm doing a lot of sitting on my butt at church. I don't like that, and I need to do something about it. Where to do that is another question yet to be answered.

On the missions side of things, I've been pondering whether or not I'll go with the GHBC team to Wales this summer. In January, the YAF ministry team mentioned the need for and desire to further develop the outreach/missions side of things in YAF. The idea of perhaps doing a YAF missions trip was kinda thrown out there, and I immediately thought about Wales. It's obviously a ministry that's been on my heart these past few years, but I'd also had several recent conversations about it with both Heather and my parents. This year may be the last year GHBC will send a team to Wales, and as Heather and I were talking one weekend, I mentioned that maybe I could talk to someone about YAF sending a team. I said this in a "I haven't talked to anyone about this, it just crossed my mind yesterday, but maybe we could look into it" kind of way. Heather mentioned this as a possibility to Anne, the pastor's wife at Gilgal. Anne was excited at the idea--which Heather presented to me as more reason for me to continue my ministry there by going on the trip this summer, in light of future possibilities.

But on the other hand, I'm not sure yet what missions opportunities might come up through PBC this year--with YAF specifically, since they've mentioned further developing the missions & outreach focus this year. One of my concerns about going to Wales with GHBC is that I want to be involved with the church I'm actually attending now. I don't want to let past ministry experiences stand in the way of opportunities that God might have for me where I am.

Then there's another side of my brain that says, "Just shut up and go on the trip, Barbara."
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