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Monday, March 14, 2005


In my inbox this morning (my work inbox, no less), an email with the subject line: "Is You're Name Recorded?"

"Lambs Book Of Life " (This is a one time mailing before the web site is launched)

You can now, have your name recorded in the "Lambs Book Of Life".
The first ever printing of the "Lambs Book Of Life" will take place after we receive 144000 names to be printed. We have all read the Bible and seen the signs posted, saying, " Is your name recorded in the Lambs Book Of Life"? Well now you can make sure it is.

One name only and to receive verification of your recorded name $49.95

One name only and to receive the printed "Lambs Book Of Life" $249.95

Old South Ministries is a non-profit organization (non profit status pending) and intends to disburse a portion of the proceeds from this project to three causes. 1) to save the structure of one of the oldest church buildings known, 2) to start a food distribution network, 3) to help in the relief effort for the tsunami victims.

I just don't know what to say.
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