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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dilemma of the week

I took my car in this morning to have an oil leak checked out. Turns out it's leaking in two places, and would take more money to fix than it's really worth pouring into my little 1997 Geo Metro. It's been good to me, but it'll be time to say goodbye soon. I'm happy to get a new car, I'm not happy to go through the headache of finding and buying a new car. It's times like these when I really miss having my dad and brother-in-law just 10 minutes away.

The bigger dilemma is that my car is fine to drive around town, but not really safe for driving long distances. Like to LA next weekend like I'd planned. Grrr. There are a ton of reasons why I want to be in LA next weekend...and now I must devise an alternate way of getting there. Road trip, anyone? Seriously. I'll pay for gas!
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